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Welcome to Immortal Cascade! I'm CarolROI and here you'll find my fanfiction for the TV show The Sentinel. My Highlander/The Sentinel crossover series is here, as well as my stand-alone stories, my alternate universes, and the episodes of various virtual seasons I've worked on.  So pull up a chair and enjoy! 

I've created a Yahoo group for posting notices of new fic and discussion of my stories.  I've had a great time on other authors lists, and thought I would give it a try.  One of my favorite things (other than writing), is talking about writing! *G* 

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CarolROI's Art Gallery
Some of my photo manipulation art resides here.
Virtual Seasons Page
I've moved all my virtual season episode links to their own page.
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Immortal Cascade Annex
There's a new adult story in progress at the Annex. 
Hotel California
Day 8 is now up!
After the events depicted in "The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg", Blair leaves Cascade to find himself again.  Seeking out an old friend for help with penance for his perceived sins, Blair finds sanctuary in the Hotel California.  Not part of the Immortal Series.
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The Mad Season

A cycle of stories based on songs by Matchbox Twenty.

Alternate Universes

Okay, I admit it. I can't help watching the Sentinel and going "What if?" And I have a really bad habit of writing those what ifs down. Here they are.
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Hunters' Web
  Pursued by the mysterious Hunters, Blair Sandburg finds help of the web-swinging variety. First story in a series.(12k)
  In Siege's Wake
  An e pilogue to Siege in which the unlikeliest of people gives Blair a helping hand. (43k)
  Passing The Torch 
A "What If" twist on the episode "The Killers."  Warning: Death Story (27k)
A victim.  A crime.  A suspect under arrest. It's exactly what it seems--or is it? (43k)
At What Price
Blair has his doctorate. But for everything, there is a price.(12k)

Blair's in the hospital as the result of Jim's actions. Will he ever be able to trust his friends again?(90K)
Chryssalys has written an alternate ending to Vengeance, called "Just Retribution".  It's available at her site.
Go to Chrys' site
Magic Act
What if after TSbyBS, Blair couldn't be a detective?(66k)

The Stockholm Syndrome

What if, in Sentinel, Too, Alex Barnes couldn't kill Blair at the fountain?
Part 1  74K  Part 2  60K  Part 3  97K

The Huntress

What if someone other than Jim Ellison got the Sentinel senses?
I've completed two stories in this AU, The Beginning, and End of the Line.

Short Stand Alones

Some short stories that aren't part of a series. Ha, and you didn't think I could do "short".

The 3 Blairs

A parody of Sentinel fanfic characterizations. (12k)

Home Is Where The Heart Is
Blair tells a story from his childhood in Australia. (32k)
The Very Ordinary Day
Blair meets the new Original Female Character. (15k)
Split-Second Decision
One decision can change everything (7K)
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