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    Evolution of a Collage

As many of you know, besides writing fic, I like to create photo collages.  Many of them are here at my site, while others were used in Novation Productions Virtual Season Five. 

I've decided to create an online gallery of some of my art that hasn't been posted to the internet.  To start, I've documented the creation of a collage that required a bit more work than usual.  Hope you find the process interesting!

Original Photo

Original.jpg - 12461 Bytes

As you can see, the makeup artist's hand covers part of Garett's face.  I'm going to have to get rid of it, but how?  Cloning over it might work, but I need an ear and part of his jaw.


Cut Out

cutout.jpg - 4212 Bytes

I created a cutout of Garett's right ear and jaw. 

Cover Up  
Coverup.jpg - 19091 Bytes
I flipped the cutout and pasted it over the hand.



Cloned.jpg - 19466 Bytes

I then cloned the skintone over the cutout,and darkened.  I addeda filter to make it look like it was drawn with colored pencil as well.  Okay, now I had a complete (and sexy) image of Garett.  What should I do with it?










I then chose a background of a sunset, because it was simple and wouldn't detract from the elements I was going to add.  To make it look more abstract, I added a chalk filter.

chalk.jpg - 13215 Bytes










Collage Elements

I have Blair (Garett) and a background, what else can I use to create a mood, or a story?  What's Blair thinking about?  I decided he was thinking about a woman from his past.  I took a photo of a woman (actress Daphne Zuniga if anyone is interested in that kind of detail) and added the same pencil filter I used on Blair.

julia.jpg - 14344 Bytes filter.jpg - 21214 Bytes

Combining The Elements

collage.jpg - 25435 Bytes I add the images of Blair and the mysterious woman from his past to the sunset background.  But something feels like it's missing.  She's too solid, too real.  She could be part of his current life, and that's not what I'm aiming for.  But how to fix it?


Final Image

final.jpg - 68875 Bytes

To make the woman seem like an element from a dream, I used a fade filter to make her partially transparant.  Now she's a ghost...from another life.

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