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Characters from The Sentinel are property of Paramount and Pet Fly Productions.

Characters from Highlander: The Series are property of Rysher and Panzer/Davis Productions.
I'm just borrowing them for my own entertainment. Diandra Pallas and other original characters are mine, all mine, though.

I started writing fanfic for the Sentinel with a crossover with Highlander. A one-shot appearance by an original Immortal, Diandra Pallas, turned into a series that just keeps growing.

Immortal Companion

When a 2,800 year old Immortal moves in across the hall, Blair's life is turned upside down.

Part 1 48k Part 2 41k Part 3 72k Part 4 50k Part 5 52k Part 6 64k Part 7 60k

Crossed Out

Immortal Series Version

Originally an FPP Virtual TS episode, now rewritten, including a scene not in the original

Part 1 83k Part 2 48k

Immortal Champion

Dee returns when a drug dealer threatens Blair and Megan's lives. Can she and Jim work together to save them?

Part 1 38k Part 2 41k Part 3 54k Part 4 37k Part 5 37k Part 6 39k Part 7 55k

What If She Had Met Me First?

Someone muses on having an Immortal in their life. 5k

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An old acquaintance of Diandra's shows up in Cascade with an agenda. When Jim becomes involved, Blair finds his roles as Watcher and Guide in conflict.

Part 1 87k Part 2  71k Part 3  85k Part 4  91k Part 5 115k Part 6  88k Part 7 52k Part 8 96k Part 9 59k Part 10 60k Part 11 112k

Strange Dreams

Blair has a vivid imagination. This story can be found at the Annex

Keeping Secrets

Rafe witnesses something he shouldn't . 27k

Poison Kisses

Who knew kissing could be deadly? 14k

Immortal War

Champion and Companion. Sentinel and Guide. The Great Outdoors. A recipe for disaster. 78k

Immortal Phoenix

A work in progress

The events of The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg in my Immortal universe.

Will the uproar over Blair's dissertation destroy his relatio nship with Jim? Or will a shadowy enemy do it for them?

Part 1 93k Part 2 97k  NEW! Part 3  50k

Jim has an accident, and it's up to Blair to save him. 45k


A crossover with Witchblade.
 The Witchblade is playing matchmaker with Blair. 30k
Immortal Cascade
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