The Mad Season

A cycle of Sentinel fiction by CarolROI and Suisan, connected by the songs of Matchbox Twenty.

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Missing Scene from Murder 101. Blair and JD do some reflecting. 16k


The events of "Bent" from Jim's POV. 15k

If You're Gone

Megan discovers what's been going on. 19k


Blair ponders his decision to leave. 14k

The Burn

Rafe finds himself getting involved. 23k


Blair works out some frustrations. 7k

You Won't Be Mine

Blair puts his feelings on paper. 3k


Jim comes home to an empty loft. 18k

Rest Stop

Trouble finds Blair.  9k

Black And White People

Simon hears some disturbing news. 14k

Last Beautiful Girl

Blair finds some parallels between the present and the past. 26k

Bed of Lies

Blair finally has his say. 26k

Mad Season

The boys come undone-in this mad season.
The final story in the Mad Season Cycle. 38k

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